Considering 3D Signs in Sydney? Trust Poly Productions for all of Your Billboard and Signage Needs.

2D simply doesn’t suffice. This was the marketing revelation discovered by The SKOPOS Institute. During a 2011 study – in which they compared consumer reactions to two-dimensional and three-dimensional commercials – a clear preference was discovered, with 82% of participants citing the 3D ads as innovative, exciting, and unique. These are the words you wish to swaddle your brand in, which is why you’re now considering a campaign change.

Poly Productions thinks this a wise decision. We recognise the power of three-dimensional branding, which is why we now provide 3D signs and 3D billboards to Sydney. Let us transform your marketing ideas into media masterpieces.

Poly Productions: About Us

Since 2010 Poly Productions has served as the premier provider of 3D signs in Sydney, redefining our client’s indoor and outdoor campaigns. Our experienced team utilises a variety of in-house services (including Croma cutting and hard-coating) to create dynamic displays. We’re well-versed in both design and branding, allowing us to adapt to your every marketing need.

Want to add 3D signage in Sydney to your branding efforts? Let us serve as your sounding-board, your creative team, and your display installers. We deliver multi-faceted results for every project.

Choosing a 3D Sign in Sydney: Our Options

Two-dimensional media once reigned supreme, with every billboard painted in flat colours and straight-lined fonts. Poly Productions believes in the power of 3D signage in Sydney, and we offer our clients the opportunity to embrace their branding goals fully.

3D Billboards in Sydney

Capture every eye in Sydney with 3D billboards. These options prove visually stimulating, distinguishing themselves from traditional media options. They add an element of tangibility to your branding.

3D Signs in Sydney

Fuse your branding with a 3D sign in Sydney. Each custom design – available for both indoor and outdoor displays – delivers bold colours and unforgettable scales, fully expressing your company message. Trust in polystyrene coatings to ensure long-lasting results.

Displays and Prototypes

3D signage in Sydney extends far beyond billboards. Bring it instead to the boardroom, assembling custom displays and prototypes for every product launch. Our team precisely pieces together every design, ensuring that it meets your specific requirements.

Through these three-dimensional options, we enable our clients to expand their marketing efforts and create dramatic campaigns.

Our Hard-Coating Services

To protect the structural integrity of 3D billboards in Sydney and 3D signs in Sydney, Poly Productions offers hard-coating services. We combine superior craftsmanship with dependable polystyrene finishes, protecting your projects against UV damage, elemental exposure, and more. We counter all environmental concerns and promote durability.

Searching for a 3D Sign in Sydney? Contact Poly Productions Today!

The marketing world is slowly shifting away from two-dimensional signage. Embrace this change! Contact us to enhance every branding effort and explore new media possibilities. 3D results await.





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