Looking for a Big Letter Hire in Sydney? Poly Productions Makes a Giant Statement with our Large Display Services.

It’s a perfectly pleasant room. Crystal stemware lines the tables; floral bouquets are artfully arranged, and soft lighting proves appropriately atmospheric. The effect is simple but sophisticated, and your guests seem pleased. A single thought plagues your mind, though — something is missing. What could it be?

Poly Productions has the answer: letters for hire in Sydney. These decorative options deliver incredible drama for any space, offering unique ways to capture attention and convey the theme of any night (corporate branding, birthday wishes, family mottos, and more). Let us help you create unforgettable moments.

Poly Productions: About Us

Since 2010 Poly Productions has served as the leading big letter hire in Sydney. Our team of experienced craftsman assemble custom blocks for every occasion – including company events, shop displays, product launches or promotions, weddings, reunions, photo shoots, and more. We deliver and install these blocks, transforming spaces with ease.

Looking for giant letters for hire in Sydney? Contact our team today! We’ll ensure that your event is an undeniable (alphabetical) success.

Large Letters for Hire in Sydney: Our Services

A picture is worth a thousand words. A giant letter hire in Sydney, however, is worth a thousand pictures. These decorations always impress, fusing events with a sense of whimsy and wonder.

To accommodate our clients, we offer a variety of letters for hire in Sydney:

  • Style One: 2-m high x 300-mm deep
  • Style Two: 1.2-m high x 200-mm deep
  • Style Three: 500-mm high x 100-mm deep

Create a custom display, with giant letters for hire in Sydney (along with giant numbers, symbols, and shapes) proving perfect for event branding. These options transition from the indoors to the outdoors with ease and are water-resistant. This maintains the integrity of every design theme, no matter how fickle the weather.

As the leading big letter hire in Sydney, we don’t merely provide displays. We instead create them, delivering, building, and then removing all installed options. This spares our clients the stress of installations. Convenience is our promise.

Choosing a Giant Letter Hire in Sydney: Customisation

Every event is unique. Our large letters for hire in Sydney, therefore, prove just as unique. We can effortlessly produce custom products for every client, boasting a variety of sizes, fonts, and colourings. This allows us to adapt to all design needs.

Choosing Letters for Hire in Sydney: Our Gallery

Giant letters for hire in Sydney invigorate every event. To see examples of our previous work (as well as to gain inspiration for your special project) visit our Photo Gallery.

Looking for Large Letters for Hire in Sydney? Contact Poly Productions.

As the premier giant letter hire in Sydney, Poly Productions recognises the need for superior service. This is why we connect our clients to speedy installations, custom creations, and city-wide deliveries. To learn more about our big letter hires in Sydney contact us today:





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